Marvel Future Revolution: Things you need to know

Marvel Future Revolution: Things you need to know
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Developer Netmarble announced the upcoming Marvel Future Revolution at PAX East, the follow-up to its successful Marvel Future Fight. This time, players will be able to explore an open world using one of four popular Marvel heroes — wearing a variety of fun and weird costumes — as they battle some of their nemeses. Full details are sparse at the moment, but we do know a little bit about what you can expect.

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Development and revel

Source: Marvel Entertainment(YouTube)

Marvel Future Revolution is a collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel that was announced at PAX East 2020. The two have combined to create an open-world mobile game. Future Revolution is actually the first open-world Marvel game on mobile.

The announcement dropped via a trailer that showed off the game’s premise, some of the setting, and the available heroes. A few other trailers have since appeared, including one highlighting some of the game’s villains and the alternate hero costumes that will be available (including Captain America in a Hydra getup — yikes).

Story and setting

Written by Marvel’s own Marc Sumerak, Future Revolution takes place on what’s being called the Primary Earth, the place where multiple universes converged. With this convergence comes multiverse variants of superheroes, who gather together to form the Omega Flight collective.

With heroes, however, come villains. Right now, we know that we’ll be battling Green Goblin, Red Goblin, Red Skull, Baron Maredo, and M.O.D.O.K. It’s up to us as members of Omega Flight to figure out what these supervillains are up to and put a stop to it before it’s too late.

Gameplay design

We don’t know much about gameplay so far. The trailers have shown off in-game footage, but no gameplay itself. This being mobile, we’ll likely see the typical control scheme of “joystick” on the left side of the screen and action buttons on the right.

Release date

Once again, we don’t know what to expect here. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll hear more information later this year on when we can expect to get our hands on Future Revolution. It’s worth keeping up with the Twitter account or subscribing to the newsletter if you’re up for knowing all the latest info as it happens.

Your thoughts

What do you think of Marvel Future Revolution so far? Are you looking forward to getting some more information? I have some of my own reservations, but I’ll keep them to myself until we know more about gameplay and monetization.

We’ll be sure to update this article when we learn more. For now, check out the trailers here in this post to get yourself excited for future news. Remember, it’s not a fight, it’s a revolution.

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