How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel in 2020 (Get Your FIRST 1,000 Subscribers FAST!)

How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel in 2020 (Get Your FIRST 1,000 Subscribers FAST!)

Do wanna get subscribers fast in 2020? – Well of course you do, That’s why you are here. In this year 2020, YouTube has changed any of its policies and terms. And it’s a bit difficult for the creators. Especially for the newcomers who came to youtube this year 2020.

Hey everyone, I’m Sachin Yadav, and today I’m gonna share with you the How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2020 ( Get your First 1,000 Subscribers FAST! ).


The first tip I have for you is Choose a Niche. And Let me tell you why it’s important because when your followers are your subscribers, your potential subscribers are going onto your channel they need to know What is this all about? Why should I subscribe?

If Patricia is going on your page and you’re posting random stuff, she’going to be confused as to what to expect from you. Not only this, from an ad revenue standpoint, there are certain niches here on YouTube that make more money than others,

also if you have a very consistent niche and it’s clear about what your niche is, it’s going to bet a lot easier for advertisers to really understand –


This is important stuff. However, my advice, if you are thinking of starting a channel in 2020 is that instead of thinking about the niche that you want to belong in, really think who you’re trying to target with your channel.

Okay, a piece of advice from my side for those who are just very new in this field. If you’re just trying starting out here on YouTube, don’t put the pressure on yourself to really think about that niche yet. Instead, think about the person or the people that you really want to target with your channel.

Think about their interests. Think about the things that they’re looking for online and then do your videos that way and then eventually you’re going to be able to see which videos are doing better than others and then you’re going to able to find your niche that way.


Now moving out to my next tip for those of you who are interested in starting a successful YouTube channel in 2020 is to create searchable content.

Now, this tip hasn’t changed from last year. I still stand by it and basically what it means is that when you’re starting out blogging or doing things that people aren’t necessarily searching for isn’t really going to perform well on your channel. Even to this day, I’m just slowly considering blogging after a whole year of doing searchable content here on the platform and the reason why is because like I said,

  • No one is searching for your day in the life.
  • No one is searching for what you’re doing on the weekends or the weekdays.

Maybe your friends care, but the internet does not care about that. That’s why it’s really important that you’re really thinking about:

  • What are people actually searching for on the internet?
  • What are they searching for on Google?
  • What are they searching on YouTube?

And then create your video that way. Now basically a rookie mistake that I see a lot of people doing is that they’re not really thinking about what is being searched on the internet and instead they create content that is very me-focused instead of other people-focused.


Now on the topic of searchable content, my next tip for you, and this going to be probably the juiciest tip for any new YouTuber or who’s getting started, is to care about SEO. Now what is SEO is search engine optimization.

You basically want to make sure that your videos, if someone is searching for them that it’s going to show up and that’s why SEO and optimizing your videos to be SEO friendly is going to be super important. Let me break down what I mean by this.

Now when we’re thinking about SEO specifically, what we’re talking about is the keywords that you’re using in your titles, in your titles, tags and, description.

But not only this, what you’re saying in your video also matters as well because YouTube automatically will transcribing your videos or even if YouTube not transcribing your videos, you could be using a platform live rev, but basically, when you’re adding captions to your video, that also contributes to you ranking well in the algorithm through search and through better SEO.

And so if you are very intentional with the title, tags, description and the content that you’re saying in your video, it can help you become a little bit more searchable.


Now moving out to my next tip on how to start a successful YouTube channel in 2020 is this, and that is your thumbnail matters.

Now, this is important because if you’ve followed my tips from now until this point if your thumbnails aren’t good and they’re not attractive enough for people to even once a click on your videos, then all the tips that You gave you just kind of go down the toilet, right?

It doesn’t matter if you have searchable content or that you’ve eventually established your niche or all of that. If that person isn’t even feeling compelled to click on your channel or click on your video.

That’s why I’m going to share with you a couple of small things that you can do to make your thumbnails stand out or just generally the rule of thumb to keep in mind when you are creating your thumbnails.

The First thing is you want to make sure that even is someone is standing six feet away from the computer, that they can still read your thumbnail.

Now what I mean by this is I see a lot of new YouTubers use really small text for thumbnails or they’re using really fancy text that is, is very very hard to read. That’s why you want to keep it simple. You want to find a font or something that’s very big, very bold and very legible.

Not only this, this is something that’s very important to keep in mind up because now more and more people watch YouTube videos on their mobile phone, so if it’s already small on desktop, imagine how small it’s going to be in when people go on their phone, right? So you really want to make sure that if you’re adding text into your thumbnail that it’s legible.

Not only this, if you are adding text to your thumbnail, and by the way, you don’t have to add text your thumbnail in order to be successful here on youtube, but you want to make sure that you’re keeping it short and sweet, okay? Don’t put a whole storybook on your thumbnail. Really make it 3-4 or even 5 words is already a lot into your thumbnail.

On top of this, when you are thinking about your thumbnails, also make sure that you are being consistent with your branding. Now keep in mind that eventually as months go on or weeks go on, you can totally change up your brand. If you want to hear on YouTube, it takes literally two seconds to swap thumbnails.

However, it’s very important that you stay consistent with your branding because a lot of times you are competing with a lot of people in the recommended section. When people are watching your videos and you want to create binge-worthy content, That means that people need to be able to recognize which videos are yours.


I want to tell new creators is that you just got a start and this is coming from someone who spent years thinking about doing a YouTube channel, buying all the equipment and doing all these things, but never fully committing to it until it got to a point where I was pretty much going through a quarter-life crisis and decided to do the damn things finally and now.

In short, I want to tell you that Just Start.

Okay, that’s all for this. If you’re not getting what I told in this article, comment down below I’ll walk you through what to do? Thanks for reading, Comment and share.

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