5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers For Free, Become an Instagram influencer!

5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers For Free, Become an Instagram influencer!

Do you wanna be Instafamous? – Well of course you do, who doesn’t? Heck, these days Instafamous people are like celebrities!

Are you ready to become more famous on Instagram?
Well unless you follow these five exact tips, you’re not gonna become instafamous.

Hey, everyone, I’m Sachin Yadav, and today I’m gonna share with you 5 ways you can explode your Instagram growth.


You’ve heard this before but you’re probably doing it wrong. Have people told you to make sure you comment and like and follow other people who are popular, so that way you get more followers?

Sure, that’s true but that piece of advice is only half-way correct. And here’s what I mean.

If you start following half-naked models and you start liking all their stuff, and then those followers see your comments, they come to your profile, they start liking your photos, do you know what’s gonna end up happening?

After a while, they’re gonna stop liking your photos and pictures.

Because those followers are really irrelevant to what you’re doing.

So make sure you like, comment and follow other people but they have to be within your industry.

See, Instagram has this algorithm that looks at how many comments, like, you get when the picture first gets published. And if people are following you within your industry, sure you’ll have a lot fewer followers, but the ratio of likes and comments are gonna be way higher,

which means your pictures are gonna go more viral, they’re gonna go on the discovery pages, and you’re gonna get way more new followers.


The second tip I have for you posts visual and emotional content consistently. If people aren’t bonding with your content, and it’s not visual and emotional, they’re not gonna keep following you, they’re not gonna like your stuff. It has to be super emotional.

If your content is visually appealing, and it’s just striking people, whether it’s videos or pictures, and you’re doing it consistently, people are gonna continually follow you.

And the reason I also mentioned consistently is that not everyone’s gonna see all your videos and images right away.

  • Sometimes, people take breaks, they’re not all on Instagram every single hour like you are.
  • Some people only check their Instagram once a week.

So you have to be consistent with your content as well.


The third tip I have for you is to submit your content to other Instagram accounts. And here’s what I mean by that.

There’s an Instagram account on everything. A lot of people are lazy but they have a ton of followers because they were early on, and all they do is take curated content and publish it, and tag the person that they got that content form.

For example, if you’re in men’s fashion, there’s a lot of Instagram profiles that just feature other men’s fashion images and videos from other accounts.

So make sure you create content and submit that to other accounts. It’s a great way to get tagged by other popular accounts. that have more followers than you, and some of those followers will come back to your profile and start following you as well as leaving comments and liking your pictures.


The fourth tip I have for you is to collaborate with other influencers. You’ve probably seen this before on Instagram where people post pictures of each other and they both tag each other on each other’s profiles, and this helps get more followers.

And I’m not really talking about that when it comes to collaboration, but that of course work as well. And here’s what I mean with the collaboration.

Let’s say you have a picture with your friend, I’m sitting here with my buddy Suraj, who’s helping me as I’m writing these posts, and me and Suraj, let’s say we both take a picture on Instagram and we wouldn’t just put it up and tag each other, but we could also do stuff like,

“Hey, we’re gonna give a give-away and giveaways “10 iPhones or iPads“, or whatever it may be. Make sure you tag us both and share this picture on your Instagram profile, or repost it.”

And when you do that not only will you be leveraging my audience, we’re also leveraging Suraj’s audience. But the key with this is to start with influences who have a similar amount of following that you do.

And then after yours grow, you can then climb your way up to more popular people on Instagram.


The last tip I have for you is to make sure you’re posting pictures with memes. Tag a friend who you love to go herewith, but don’t use old pictures that people have already seen on Instagram.

This is been played out so many times, it doesn’t work unless you’re using creative, new images. And you know what you can do to really spruce this up?

You can turn on Instagram Advertising and push more traffic to that image, which will make your meme go more viral, it’ll start tagging more people, you’ll get more comments and more followers.

So if you follow those five tips, your Instagram following is gonna explode! You’ll become instafamous, you’ll start walking down the street and everyone’s gonna be like,” oh hey Veer, I follow you on Instagram,”. “You’re awesome and amazing.”

Okay, that’s all for this. If you’re not getting what I told in this article, comment down below I’ll walk you through what to do? Thanks for reading, Comment and share.

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